Offering Santa Cruz couples therapyOffering Santa Cruz couples therapy

Strengthen your relationship through
marriage counseling/couples therapy

Do you frequently feel angry toward your partner? Are you distant from one another? Has your sex life become unsatisfying or frustrating? Do you find you are both "keeping score" and feel resentful about how much work you do in home life? Do you know how to have a fair fight in your relationship, or are your conflicts characterized by destructive anger? Are you on the same page in your co-parenting relationship?

Marriage counseling and couples therapy can effectively address these concerns, and move a couple toward a more respectful and loving partnership with deepened intimacy. I have been working with traditional and non-traditional couples for 30 years. Having been married for 28 years myself, I understand that a vital, responsive, and adaptable marriage takes an ongoing commitment of time and energy.

If the partnership is in a serious crisis, couples therapy is essential; it can provide perspective and tools to repair the relationship. If a couple has children, making a commitment to couples counseling is an especially important investment in the emotional health and well being of the entire family. A healthy marriage functions as the container for family life, and can produce security necessary for the optimal development of children.

In my approach to couples counseling, repairing or improving a struggling relationship involves:

Understanding what's going on

Painful conflicts in a couple's relationship can have origins in earlier history. Marital difficulties can trigger strong emotional responses that can remind people, consciously or unconsciously, of painful relationships or events from early life. Without examining patterns of the past in a shared, conscious process, the couple can be at risk of acting out old unresolved history. In times of stress, people often fall back into old patterns, or withdraw, which can widen the distance between partners.

Taking a detailed history from each partner is crucial to healing as part of couples counseling. Understanding your own emotional wounds and those of your partner is critical. This process is often at the heart of a successful course of couples therapy, and directly results in increased empathy and compassion between partners.

Marriage counseling and couples therapy can be very helpful for the following circumstances:

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