Developing positive pathways
for your child


Play therapy

Art therapy

Children can benefit greatly when a partnership between therapist, parents and teachers (when appropriate) is put in place.

My approach to child therapy includes working closely with parents and working with children individually beginning at age four in my playroom, utilizing play therapy and art therapy techniques, as well as helping children develop problem solving strategies.

When appropriate, I offer family therapy and/or parent-child sessions with children of fours years of age through adolescence. With very young children, I offer parent-child observation in my playroom. Observing interactions between parents and children can yield helpful information that can provide perspective on a child's behavior or support parents in shifting frustrating dynamics in the parent-child relationship.

Since 1981, I have worked extensively with children who are experiencing anxiety, depression, self-esteem issues, eating disorders, parent-child problems, family conflict, illness of a family member, divorce, loss, and trauma. Anxiety, adoption, and attachment issues are areas of special focus in my practice.

Assessing Your Child's Needs

Giving you accurate information and perspective on your child's current developmental stage, and exploring how it relates to a problem your child may be experiencing is essential. Evaluating what assistance your child needs begins with a parent session, without the child present.  It is important to hear your concerns, and for me to gain a history of the presenting problem from both parents if possible, and a thorough developmental history of your child.

If it is clear that further assessment would be helpful, I see a child three times in my playroom. This is an assessment period, during which a child will be able to use play materials, talk with me, and complete assessment drawings and other activities.

A parent session follows this assessment, during which I present the material produced in the sessions, as well as my impressions and recommendations. Together, parents and I decide how to proceed. This may involve individual work for a child, parenting sessions, family therapy, all of the above, or sometimes the assessment process itself is all that is needed at this time, having provided a new perspective on the current situation.

At my Santa Cruz office, conveniently located between downtown Santa Cruz and the Seabright area, I offer couples therapy and individual and family counseling and therapy. I also specialize in child therapy, including art and play therapy

Please call 831-423-7027 to schedule an appointment or discuss your specific needs.

The images on this site are from "The Lost Star" children's book I am currently writing, and were taken by Michael Strong.